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Le 21 avril 2011


Never has a season been so tight at the top of France’s Elite rugby championship, there are still a possible 9 teams who can still qualify for the final 6 places.
Montpellier by loosing at home last week to Bayonne have made their task simple and very evident, 2 matches to play, Saturday against Brive away, and the last game on the 7th of May against Toulon, both have to be won if our Cistes want to qualify for the play-offs and next seasons H Cup, and there is absolutely no other solution.
Lucky enough the Rugby Gods will be on our side, all the players know exactly what they have to do and they are spending all of this week putting the operation Beat Brive !!! into action.
The problem is that maybe Brive are not going to let this happen, and  they are certainly not going to lay down and die, so Montpellier must come up with a faultless game plan, but our coaches Bechu and Galthie have done this before so lets have a 100% confidence in them. They may not themselves be on the park next Saturday evening, but they will have given all their knowledge and experience for the necessary success.
The one great advantage Montpellier has is that they will know all the other results before starting their game, but somehow miracles will not happen and the win will still be a necessity. 
The starting XV will probably not be released much before the KO. as there are one or two positional problems to be sorted, but whoever takes the field on Saturday will be primed, both physically and mentally to do the business in hand. 
Montpellier have played 24 games so far this season and have been in the top 3 for most of the season, one loss last week against Bayonne is not going to change the teams ideals, they are having their best ever TOP 14 adventure and this will continue!!!! 
Steve Whittell.