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Le 02 avril 2013


A task that many have tried but all have failed, this weekends ¼ final H Cup game on Saturday 6th April ko 16.40 will become Clermont’s 58th consecutive home victory if they are successful against Montpellier, which leaves them one short of the record set by Stade Francais in 2004/2008 when our very own Mon Galthie was in charge of Stade, so if anyone knows how, it is Fabien Galthie, but it will take more than the expert calculations of a coach to overcome a near impossible feat. So how is it possible, firstly the easy way score more points than Clermont and you win!!!! Tactically how do you prepare a team who are to play against another who is almost perfect especially at home? Are there any faults or weaknesses, difficult to create a master plan to overcome a situation of this magnitude? As they say records are only created to be broken, but how, is the problem? Clermont will have done their homework on Montpellier, as will Montpellier so maybe it’s just about individual ability a touch of magic, a little Fijian French Flair? That is another problem as we have Jimmy but they have Napolinoi, but Jimmy is over a year young and therefore, fitter and faster advantage Montpellier!!! Montpellier has something that Clermont lack, a double agent!!!! Without doubt Thibault Privat could be the James Bond of Montpellier, having played for Clermont for many a season he knows this team inside out and most if not all their forward combinations, so Thibault could be the answer, 007 Privat, already the President Altrad is trying to find an Aston Martin which goes with the job as Remy Martin is now at Beziers. He will also be ably assisted by Mario Ledesma who also spent many years at Clermont so we could also have a 007 coach which Clermont have not, things are beginning to look very positive for Montpellier. If we look at the stats Montpellier are way behind in their H Cup performances, Clermont are streets in front so the situation of the under, under dog becomes evident, and everybody loves seeing the under dog as winners, the pure fact that Clermont scored 10 tries this weekend against Agen could mean they have emptied their try cupboard and like that of Old Mother Hubbard it is bare!!! There is another point in Montpellier’s favour normally there would be around 100/150 supporters present from Montpellier, but this weekend 2,500 are taking to the roads North towards Clermont, they will be heard, they will sing, they will chant, never before will Clermont have heard such ovations for a visiting team, and this could upset their rhythm which could have profound consequences on their teams performances. This my friends is a few ideas on how to beat Clermont and Clermont!!!! If all else fails just “SCORE MORE POINTS THAN THEM”
Steve Whittell.