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Le 15 février 2021

This is the time of year that all Montpellier supporters hold their breath, as it’s the away game at Castres, where success is often denied, this team who never have many World stars on their books are a team that offers united club rugby and a never give up attitude, a proud place to play rugby.

The game itself was one of two halves, the first where Montpellier scored first and dominated many minutes in the first 40 giving them an excellent chance to take away points from their arch enemy who have caused chaos for the club over the seasons.

The second was difficult to explain, the boys were just completely overpowered in every section of the game it was all Castres and Urdapilleta who now owns the TOP 14 record for most points scored in a game 33 was his magic total breaking the record by just one tiny point.

When the ref blew for half time the score was 23-17 for Castres with an Urdapilleta having a 100% success with the boot and a try on top of that.

Only 6 points behind Montpellier still had a very good chance of taking something from this game, as if you come away from Castres with at least a point you have had some success, but this was not to be.

The second half was one way traffic all Castres, who scored with relative ease adding another 3 tries and Castres N° 10 adding plenty of points with the boot bring the final score to 48-17 one of Montpellier’s worst defeat for many a game. This will not be remembered for Montpellier greatest game but lessons can be learned from defeats, pride is at stake here and the boys need to think about the future games and be nothing else but positive in their actions on and off the park.

At this present date Montpellier are lying 12th in this season’s TOP 14 they are just one point ahead of Bayonne who beat Brive in a hard fought match on Sunday, but Bayonne have also 2 games in hand over Montpellier, difficult situation of course but not desperate, well just not yet. There are no easy fixtures in the TOP 14 anymore and next week the boys go to Agen who have not won a game all season 15 played 15 lost.

This situation can be easily unblocked with a couple of good wins to regain the lost confidence that seems to have crept into the team, and just maybe a long good look in the mirror and some stark realities said between the boys could just give them all a boost that is needed at the moment.

Confidence is something that is gained by victories but can be quickly lost; it also can be regained with victories so the answer is plain and easy for all to see.

Next week go to Agen and win this will be the start of the revival and no more talk about barrage games for survival.

Steve Whittell.