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Le 01 décembre 2011


Three matches in 8 days at the highest and most intense of levels, Saturday Montpellier beat leaders Clermont at home and last night the second game in 4 days they were away to Lyon, a resounding 30 -10 victory, 4 points and a giant leap up the TOP 14 table into 8th position, Montpellier now have to go to Biarritz on Sun afternoon for their 3rd game in just over a week.
Hardly have Montpellier had the time to run off the Clermont victory and they were again on show last night, but a good solid showing, they performed at times with brilliance, still some mistakes to be ironed out but a defence that is beginning to work for almost the whole 80 mins. For most of the match a very strong front five with the back three of Gorgodze, Tulou and Ouedraogo running riot, giving the backs every chance to move the ball wide, only some last ditch defending kept Montpellier from scoring more tries. 
The first score was a clever reverse angle kick from Julien Tomas, Martin Bustos-Moyano, somehow kept the ball in play by flicking a pass to Alex Tulou who used his power to push aside the remaining two defenders and crash over into that paradise for a well deserved try, Martin Bustos-Moyano missed the conversion, his only blemish of the whole evening.
Time and time again Montpellier attacked the Lyon try line and by exerting pressure they were given penalties as Lyon infringed more often than they should have, Bustos-Moyano deadly as usual kept the score board ticking over, hitting 3 penalties in the first half, at the break for lemons Montpellier had their noses in front 14-0.
The second half brought much of the same, more pressure from Montpellier a fine individual try from Yoan Audrin, a conversion and 3 more penalties for Bustos-Moyano. Lyon did get a try and a penalty but they were never in the game and their only consolation was that they kept Montpellier from the attacking bonus point. A well deserved away victory for our Cistes; everyone onboard did their job to the best of their ability and you only had to look at a Giorgi Jgenti’s face to see the battle fatigue as he almost crawled of the park after being finally replaced late on in the game. If the players can get over the exhaustion, and rest, then they could be looking at just maybe, another 4 points next Sun. in Biarritz.
Before the game on Sun. the team has to recuperate, they already have 2 games under their belts and a third on Sun. this is no way to protect top level athletes who abuse their own bodies in the contact area plus the massive hits that has become Pro. Rugby today. To recuperate means relaxation, great if you are not playing for 8 days but with the next game in only 4 days time the body is just not able to relax then become prepared for another massive game, already the biggest problem is long term injury,  Benji Thiery and Julien Tomas both had dislocated shoulders, they were put back in, but at what cost, Lyon in the same situation also had their own injury problems.
The LNR, would not have 2 meetings in one day never mind 3 games in 8 days.They are playing with the welfare of professional sports persons and placing their well being in jeopardy, this cannot continue, if it does there could be serious circumstances!!!
Steve Whittell.