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Le 18 avril 2011


Someone once said “winning or loosing is not life or death; it is far more serious than that”.
Saturday Montpellier played their hoodoo team Bayonne the last 2 outings in Montpellier have resulted in defeat, and nobody likes history repeating itself.
A win for Montpellier would virtually give them a playoff spot, but it was not to be, why do it the easy way when the more difficult and exasperating would be to wait for the last 2 games of the season and give everybody more heart failure.
Montpellier did get off to an amazing start, from the kick off; the ball went through many hands for Timmy Nagusa to finish the movement by diving over in the corner, not 1 minute on the clock and Montpellier 5-0 in front.
Three minutes later Bayonne scored a try from a quick tap penalty by the flanker Boutaty and converted by Boyet giving the lead back to Bayonne 5-7. Montpellier did everything in their power throughout the match to score tries but the only results were forward passes, knock ons, or bad decisions by the referee, this was going to be the most frustrating day in the lives of the Montpellier players, they did not play badly but the finishing just did not go to hand.
Martin Bustos-Moyanon added 4 penalties, but the fact that tries through, Bernard and Gerber, plus a couple of conversions and a 50mts penalty by Boyet did not help the situation.
At no time in the match did Montpellier take control and each lapse of concentration Bayonne came back and kept edging in front until that killer try in the 70min. by Gerber.
With 10 mins left on the clock Montpellier set up camp on the Bayonne try line they hammered and hammered that line each time thwarted by either an offside defence or a very unobservant referee, never ever has a referee been more biased towards a visiting team, there could have been at least 2 penalty tries awarded but Montpellier came away with nothing except a morale shattered into a thousand pieces. 
Giorgi Jgenti, Mamuka Gorgodze, played their hearts out and left everything they had on that park, and the new boys to the TOP 14 Kevin Gimeno and Lionel Dargier both gave excellent debuts in their first outings in front of a 13,527 strong crowd who were behind Montpellier for the full 80minutes. A bad day at the office !!!
But the phoenix will arise, there is just one week till that away game against Brive, a very quick fix to the morale and a must win at all costs, that would put our team back into contention, giving the last game of this seasons TOP 14 against the mighty Toulon in 3 weeks time a massive importance, and could well see both teams fighting to the death for top 6 qualification, keep the heart exercises going as there is much more drams still to come we all now know that Montpellier never do things the easy way, and the suspense is always good value for money.
Steve Whittell.