Who's Steve?

Le 28 juin 2012


Steve WHITTELL, British, and member of the MHR communication team, on his return to France after 20yrs in England as a professional caterer; he started his involvement with the MHR after the Rugby World Cup in 2007, where he was part of the anti doping team for the IRB. 
He began writing articles in English, which were published on the MHR website about the TOP 14 games played by MHR, with a very passionate but rigorous point of view. These articles can all be found in “Steve’s chronicle” on the MHR website. He also does written and video interviews of the players after training, and MHR games.
For the past 2 years, Steve has been more directly involved in the club’s life by welcoming and processing press, radio and TV journalists at the Stade Yves du Manoir.
He has also worked on the English presentation of all European H Cup or Challenge games and announcers pitch side during every home game played against a British or Irish team, and also looks after the welfare of all visiting British referees before and after the game.